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If you decided to update Magento ecommerce store or use the most updated version – this article is written for you! But, before you will pay your money for an updating - it's worth trying to update your website yourself.
If you will compare the procedure to other engines - it’s complicated procedure, but you can figure it out  as it is manageable and cognitive procedure.
Another bonus – possibility to save a significant amount of money, and at the same time - get acquainted with the system itself, which will be very useful in future. 
Step by step procedure:
1) Download the latest Magento’s version, according your needs.
2) Upload files to the server in a separate folder or sub-domain. In fact, create a new temporary site at or
3) Copy from the published site all the files (that are not related to the kernel of the system) files of modules, themes, pictures, etc. Fill in the files with new facilities.
4) Create a new database and import the database from a published site. After that - connect the database to a new site.
5) Now - check the performance: do your audit 
 test! Rebuild indexes and enable caching.
6) If everything went smoothly - transfer your result to a published site.
It is one of the best methods, as we are not touching alive site and we can safely work using a copy of the website, in case of any problems occurred.
Information provided -
If you can’t manage it - our web agency in London will be happy to help you with website development!
For Magento updates please see our prices below
We are pleased to present Magento updates: 300 USD per version.
We are pleased to present Magento Versions CE: 1.3.х; 1.4.х; 1.5.х; 1.6.х; 1.7.х; 1.8.х; 1.9.х;
We are pleased to help with upgrading from to or, as it is only one step. Cost - $300.
You can do your updates from to the latest stable version (currently only in 4 steps. Cost - $1200.
Some modules may stop working after updating Magento website to a new version, as a result you may need to update or drastically modify these modules.
Sometimes not all the features that are declared in the new kernel version will be available in your template (topic). You may also need to update the template to a newer version (which will be more relevant for this kernel).
All the above points are not included in price mentioned above.
P.S. With our web agency London you can order website updates to the latest version, including Magento updates or install additional modules to your online store.
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