Frequently Asked Question(s) FAQ

List of the most frequently asked questions from people who want to order a website or online store.

Google Team several times highlighted that issue with AdWords (Contextual advertising) does not affect the ranking order. Google AdWords (Contextual advertising) and free Google search results are not related to each other.

Majority of the Companies which are creating Magento online stores usually will indicate the price ‘’from ‘’ particular amount. But, the final cost of the Magento store will depend on the functionality and customer needs. Nowadays, many companies will calculate the final price based on information below:

1) Magento programmer's working hour - from 80 y.e .

2) To develop an online store on Magento with the necessary functionality will take around 160 hours.

The choice of CMS, from the list of website platforms for your website to work, is directly linked to efforts /costs you will face - to promote the site in the organic issuance of search engines.

First of all, we need to understand your business needs and the main targets you are trying to achieve. In case, if you are looking for a website about news or corporate website, blogs or products catalog, or, probably, for new online store - use CMS for your success and expectations. Therefore, don’t use your personal preferences if you are trying to choose a core for your website, better way to keep in mind the thematic focus of your future resource and the main purpose of your website.