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Promotion in social networks (SMM - Social Media Marketing) is an integral tool for the successful promotion of your website or company’s goods or services on the Internet, as well as an additional channel of communication with your customers. Social marketing allows you to influence your visitor values and views to your page in a social network and allows you to form demand and image by using a rational component. A group or page in a social network - will help you not only enlarge the recognition and sales of your company, but also will help successfully promote your company's website in search engines. Search engine robots determine the resource authority by the number of references to it in social networks, especially on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Twitter.

Most Popular Social Networks in the UK for 2016:

Social networkUK Users
Facebook       (Total Users 1.65 billion)32,000,000
YouTube       (Total Users 1,300,000,000)19,100,000
Twitter        (Total Users 645,750,000)15,000,000
Instagram      (Total Users 500,000,000)14,000,000
Google+        (Total Users 2,200,000,000)12,600,000

Social media statistics Jan 2016:

Using social media (% of population)

  • 48% Western Europe
  • 45% Eastern Europe
  • 59% North America

Active social platform users in millions

  • 201 million people from West Europe
  • 191 million people from East Europe

Active accounts on Top social networks in UK

  • UK stands in 8th place worldwide
  • 59% of people were in popular platforms

Average number of time spent on social channels

  • People spend 1.5 hours every day

Mobile Social use

  • 41% of people from West Europe active in top social network
  • 32% of people from East Europe active in top social network
  • 51% users in UK uses social network via a mobile phone

* Information provided by E4k agency