Comprehensive Websites Audit

Our Magento Agency in London offering you a full audit of your websites, as it is the best way to understand the quality of work carried out by third parties and the level of services provided. Our technical and SEO audit report is two reports which matched together, as these two concepts are connected: speed of page loading, image optimization, page compression, correct scripts, correct code and many other parameters are the most import for your internet SEO promotion. It is why we are conducting a comprehensive audit report without separating it into technical and SEO audit reports.

  • Optimize you site for searching queries;
  • Improve your website index;
  • Reduce your budget for search engine promotion;
  • Increase the number of your site visitors;
  • Increase the average receipt amount per shopper;

Based on the results of our audit, we will deliver detailed report regarding all issues made during your site development and promotion. We will eliminate all errors made, and will help you with indexing your sites on the Internet.


Our web Agency in London offering a consulting services for those - who are going to order a website or an internet shop, as well as for clients who are planning to re-do or re-design an existing already developed website on Magento, Dupal, WorlPress. It will help you to avoid and completely reduce the number of potential errors, which are very often taking place during the development procedure.Our web Agency also providing consultation service for our clients: regarding any issues related to the site development, maintenance and promotion on the Internet, as well as Magento support and Magento SEO.

Price for website Audit Service:  from $500.

Price for consulting Service: from $300