Websites Support

Your Magento/ Dupal website – is your Internet face! Nowadays, creating a website - is one of the most important part of effective business development and the most powerful tool which easily showing your unique product attributes among your customers and partners. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to pay attention to your website regularly, improve its operability and update the relevant information. Our Web Agency in London providing ongoing service - "Monthly site support” - service, which maintain the resource on the Internet and helping you to sell, sell, sell, across mobile, digital, in-store, and social.

Technical Support for your Website

  • Site performance daily monitoring;
  • Website support and consultation 24/7;
  • Same day response;
  • Your website backup copies and database storage;
  • Assistance with your domain name registration and renewal;
  • Mailboxes - creating and maintaining.

Information sites support

  • Information support;
  • Adding news block;
  • Photos of goods and other graphic information updating.
Monthly website support: from $300

PAYMENT: payment in advance (for 3 months required)

Monthly site support cost - is determined by the scope of work

Website support is the most popular service, directly related to your web visibility so you can exceed your customer's high expectations and keep them coming back, smoothing operations and reducing the operational costs.